About Chi-Jin

Chi-Hou is in the south of Ku-Shan, and in the east of Chi-Wei Shan. Both of Chi-shan,and Ku-shan and the hinterland are surrounded by the wide Kaohsiung harbor. Since Ching dynasty, it has been a naturally good harbor, prosperous commercial port, trade center. Having a lot of foreign business firms, excellent people, it is the birthplace of Kaohsiung.

Lin-shui Temple--- The earlist school building of Chijin primary school


Chung-Hsiao Building---Baroque structure

After ceding Taiwan to Japan, the Tapan government feels the need of language communication in least two years. Therefore, Tapan government borrow the oil temple--- Lin-shui Temple which is built in the side of lighthouse, collecting contribution to establish a Japanese language school, and solicit 31 boys to study Japanese in this school. This is the very origin of primary education in Kaohsiung.
The new education system which is proclaimed in 1898, integrate Japanese language school with Ta-Kou public school(The forerunner of Chijin primary school) which was established for new educational system. Therefore, it becomes the first school of new educational system in Kaohsiung.

Tzu-Chiang Building---Modern structure